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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations merges with your existing Microsoft technology redefining the way you do business. Well-organize your financial operations effortlessly – from generating quotes and invoices to processing payments and managing collections. Instantly access vital data crucial for preparing statements and analyzing company performance. With CubePeaks by your side, you can effectively oversee diverse business dimensions, including inventory, supply chain, projects, and manufacturing. Picture a future where your enterprise operates with unparalleled efficiency, driven by the smooth incorporation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Services.

Formerly recognized as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a robust ERP solution that operates in the cloud. It provides a comprehensive range of flexible capabilities for manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and finance, along with embedded predictive analytics and intelligence. This enables you to access real-time actionable insights into your business performance. By leveraging Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you can enhance operational efficiency, drive business growth, and attain increased organizational agility.


Accelerate decision-making processes.
Achieve business transformation more rapidly.
Experience scalable growth at your own pace.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Suite Capabilities


With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Suite Capabilities, refine your financial planning and analysis with the right tools for budgeting, forecasting, and decision-making across your organization. With our assistance, your business will be equipped to streamline your accounting and financial close processes with self-serve analytics and automation, expediting reporting and boosting overall efficiency.

 We allow you to stay ahead of liquidity challenges by proactively managing cash flow with predictive analytics and forecasting tools offered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Suite

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Maximize efficiency in your discrete, process, and lean manufacturing operations with the Dynamics 365 ERP Solution, specifically tailored to optimize your production timelines, meet customer demand, and manage resources seamlessly. Leverage real-time data to monitor production progress, ensuring more accurate delivery dates and cost minimization. Implement a spectrum of production strategies, ranging from configure-to-order and assemble-to-order to make-to-stock and make-to-order, all seamlessly integrated into the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations platform. Employ a combination of push and pull production control mechanisms to further enhance the precision and agility of your manufacturing processes. Elevate your production capabilities with Dynamics 365 ERP, where streamlined operations and data-driven decisions lead to unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management

Optimize your supply chain speed, exceed customer expectations, and boost profitability with Dynamics 365 ERP Solution. CubePeaks will ensure you smoothly connect sales, purchasing, logistics, production, and warehouse management for comprehensive visibility. Go beyond standard practices with inter-company and multi-site capabilities, enabling efficient collaboration with vendors and effective management of distributed organizations. In a rapidly evolving supply chain era, Dynamics 365 ERP Solution stands out for its innovation, transcending traditional boundaries to set new standards for efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability optimization. Elevate your supply chain with a solution that transforms challenges into opportunities and adapts dynamically to market demands.

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Cloud Services

Empower your organization with resilient ERP applications, providing instant access to real-time information anytime, anywhere, across devices. Harness the advantages of flexible and scalable deployment options, merging the capabilities of both cloud and on-premises solutions, to address your current global business needs and effortlessly adapt to evolving requirements. Streamline and accelerate business process transformations, seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, and expand globally at a pace that aligns with your organizational growth. With this approach, you’ll experience a seamless integration of technology and business processes, ensuring your organization thrives in the dynamic landscape of modern business

Project Operations

Experience a transformative leap with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Suite Capabilities, particularly in the context of Project Operations. This cutting-edge Dynamics 365 ERP Solution empowers businesses to easily navigate dynamic business environments. Discover the potential of comprehensive tools that effortlessly oversee the entire project lifecycle, from sales to invoicing and project accounting. With D65 Finance and Operations at the helm, gain valuable insights and analytics into resource utilization, availability, gross margins, and project progress. Elevate your business adaptability, efficiency, and profitability with CubePeaks by your side as we utilize Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, where every project becomes a seamless journey of success.

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